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Dr. Teresa Arias Marco

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Teresa Arias-Marco
Constant Jacobi osculating rank of U(3)/(U(1)xU(1)xU(1))
Arch. Math. (Brno), 45:273-286, 2009

Teresa Arias-Marco
Flat locally homogeneous affine connections with torsion on 2-dimensional manifolds
Note di Matematica, 28(suppl. 1):37 - 47, 2008

Teresa Arias-Marco
Methods for solving the Jacobi equation. Constant osculating rank vs. constant Jacobi osculating rank
Differential Geometry Proceedings of the VIII International Colloquium, pages 207 - 216, 2009

Teresa Arias-Marco, Antonio M Naveira
Constant Jacobi osculating rank of a g.o. space. A method to obtain explicitly the Jacobi operator
Publ. Math. Debrecen, 74(1-2):135 - 157, 2009

Teresa Arias-Marco, Dorothee Schueth
Inaudibility of sixth order curvature invariants
Rev. R. Acad. Cienc. Exactas, Fis. Nat. (to appear), 2016

Teresa Arias-Marco, Dorothee Schüth
Local symmetry of harmonic spaces as determined by the spectra of small geodesic spheres
Geom. Funct. Analysis (GAFA), 22(1):1-21, 2012

Teresa Arias-Marco, Dorothee Schüth
On inaudible curvature properties of closed Riemannian manifolds
Ann. Glob. Anal. Geom., 37(4):339-349, 2010