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SFB 647: Projekte

[C1] Algebraic Topology: Rigidity and Dynamics (seit 2013)

[C2] Differential Geometry: Geometric and Spectral Invariants of Riemannian, Lorentzian and conformal manifolds (seit 2013)

[C3] Algebraic Geometry: Deformations, Moduli and Vector Bundles (seit 2013)

[C4] Structure of Quantum Field Theory: Hopf Algebras versus Integrability (seit 2013)

[C5] AdS/CFT Correspondence: Integrable Structures and Observables (seit 2013)

[C6] Scattering Amplitudes: Symmetries and Interrelations in Maximal Supergravity and Yang-Mills (seit 2013)

[C7] Differential Operators of Mathematical Physics - Spectral Theory and Dynamics (seit 2013)

[C8] Mathematical Physics: Dynamics and Nonlinear Evolution Equations in General Relativity (seit 2013)

[IRTG] Integrated Research Training Group (seit 2009)

[Z] Administrative Tasks (seit 2005)

Beendete Projekte

[A1] Strings, D-Branes, and Manifolds of Special Holonomy (2005-2008)

[A2] Special Geometries and Fermionic Field Equations (2005-2008)

[A3] Singularities in Manifolds with Special Holonomy (2005-2012)

[A4] Quasilinear Wave Equations, Membranes, and Supermembranes (2005-2012)

[A6] Aspects of conformal geometry and the AdS/CFT correspondence (2005-2008)

[A7] Holonomy theory of Indefinite Metrics, Conformally Invariant Differential Operators and Q-Curvature (2009-2012)

[A8] Tests and Applications of the AdS/CFT Correspondence (2009-2012)

[A9] Enumerative Geometry of Moduli Spaces (2009-2012)

[A11] Algebraic Varieties and Principal Bundles: Semistable Objects and their Moduli Spaces (2009-2012)

[A12] Topological Rigidity and Dynamics (2011-2012)

[B1] Almost One-Dimensional Systems, Spectral Analysis, and Evolution Equations (2005-2012)

[B3] Singularity Structure, Longtime Behaviour, and Dynamics of Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Equations (2005-2012)

[B4] Geometry and Physics of Spacelike Hypersurfaces in Lorentzian Manifolds (2005-2012)

[B5] Evolution of Geometrical Structures in Classical and Quantum Cosmology (2005-2008)

[B6] Analytic and Spectral Properties of Geometric Operators (2005-2012)

[B7] Dynamics of Cosmological Models: The Tumbling Universe (2009-2012)

[B8] Integrable Structures in the Gauge/String Theory Correspondence (2009-2012)