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Publikationen 2011

Klaus Altmann, Lars Kastner
Negative deformations of toric singularities that are smooth in codimension two
E-print arXiv:1109.3344vl[mathAG], 2011

Klaus Altmann, Jaroslaw Wisniewski
P-divisors of Cox rings
Michigan Math J., 60:463-480, 2011

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On possible Chern Classes of stable Bundles on Calabi-Yau threefolds. 
J.Geom.Phys., (61):1378-1384, 2011

Bjorn Andreas, Gottfried Curio
On the Existence of Stable bundles with prescribed Chern classes on Calabi-Yau threefolds.
arXiv:1104.3435 [math.AG], 2011

Bjorn Andreas, Norbert Hoffmann
New Examples of Stable Bundles on Calabi-Yau Threefolds
arXiv:1111.1097, 2011

Marian Aprodu, Gavril Farkas
Koszul cohomology with applications to moduli

Marian Aprodu, Gavril Farkas
The Green Conjecture for smooth curves lying on arbitrary K3 surfaces
Compositio Mathematica, 147:839-851, 2011

T Arias-Marco, A Arvanitoyeorgos, Martines A Naveiro
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Rev. R. Acad. Cienc. Exactas Fís. Nat., Ser. A Math., no. 1:207-221, 2011

Christian Bär, Nicolas Ginoux
Classical and Quantum Fields on Lorentzian Manifolds
In C. Bär, J. Lohkamp and M. Schwarz (ed.), Global Differential Geometry, volume 17 of Springer Proceedings in Mathematics, pages 359-400, Springer-Verlag, 2011

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Wiener Measures on Riemannian Manifolds and the Feynman-Kac Formula
Matematica Contemporanea, 40:37-90, 2011

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Exact Superconformal and Yangian Symmetry of Scattering Amplitudes
J. Phys. A, 44:454012, 2011

Niklas Beisert, Wellington Galleas, Takuya Matsumoto
A Quantum Affine Algebra for the Deformed Hubbard Chain

Niklas Beisert, Burkhard U W Schwab
Bonus Yangian Symmetry for the Planar S-Matrix of N=4 Super Yang-Mills
Phys. Rev. Lett., 106:231602, 2011

Niklas Beisert
The Classical Trigonometric r-Matrix for the Quantum-Deformed Hubbard Chain
J. Phys. A, 44:265202, 2011

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Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 139:4173-4179, 2011

Jochen Brüning, Sergey Dobrokhotov, Sergey Sekerzh-Zenkovich, Timur Tudorovskiy
Spectral series of the Schrödinger operator in a thin waveguide with a periodic structure. 2. Closed three-dimensional waveguide in a magnetic field
Russ. J. Math. Phys. 18, no. 1, 33–53, 2011

Jochen Brüning, Franz Kamber, Ken Richardson
Index theory for basic Dirac operators on Riemannian foliations
Contemp. Math., 546, 39 - 81, 2011

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Universal recursive formulas for Q-curvature
Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik, 652:113-163, 2011

Gavril Farkas
Brill-Noether geometry on moduli spaces of spin curves
In Classification of algebraic varieties-Schiermonnikoog, EMS Congress Reports, pages 259-276, 2011

Gavril Farkas
Prym varieties and their moduli

Gavril Farkas, Samuel Grushevsky, Ricardo Salvati-Manni, Alessandro Verra
Singularities of theta divisors and the geometry of A_5

Gavril Farkas, Angela Ortega
Higher rank Brill-Noether theory on sections of K3 surfaces

Gavril Farkas, Angela Ortega
The maximal rank conjecture and rank two Brill-Noether theory
Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly, 7(1265-1296), 2011

Angela Ortega Herbert Lange
Compactification of the Prym map for non cyclic triple coverings

Norbert Hoffmann
Independent parameters for special instanton bundles on P^2n+1
J. Geom. Phys., 61:2321-2330, 2011

Nathan Ilten, Robert Vollmert
Upgrading and downgrading torus actions
E-print arXiv:1103.4010, 2011

Priska Jahnke
Kugeln, Kegelschnitte, und was gibt es noch?
Teubner Verlag, 2011

Andreas Juhl
Holographic formula for Q-curvature. II
Advances in Mathematics, 226(4):3409-3425, 2011

Andreas Juhl
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Conformal Geometry and Dynamics, 15:20-43, 2011

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Prym varieties of cyclic coverings
Geom. Dedicata, 150:391-403, 2011

Paul Larsen
Fulton's Conjecture for M_0,7
Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 2011

Paul Larsen
Permutohedral spaces and the Cox ring of the moduli space of stable pointed rational curves

Margherita Lelli-Chiesa
Stability of rank 3 Lazarsfeld_Mukai bundles on K3 surfaces

Stefan Liebscher, Jörg Härterich, Kevin Webster, Marc Georgi
Ancient dynamics in Bianchi models: Approach to Periodic Cycles.
Communications in Mathematial Physics, 305:59-83, 2011

Lars Petersen
Okounkov Bodies of Complexity-One T-Varieties
E-print arXiv:1108.0632, 2011

Lars Petersen
Okounkov bodies of complexity-one T-varieties
pages 2358-2361, 2011

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Torus invariant divisors
Israel Journal of Mathematics, 182(1):481-504, 2011

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Commun. Math. Phys., 307(1):261-273, 2011