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Geometry and Analysis of Black Hole Spacetimes
Prof. Dr. Lars Andersson
9.2.2015, 10:00 Uhr – 13.2.2015, 14:30 Uhr

Black holes play a central role in general relativity and astrophysics. The problem of proving the dynamical stability of the Kerr black hole spacetime, which is describes a rotating black hole in vacuum, is one of the most important open problems in general relativity. Following an introduction to the Kerr geometry, I will introduce some techniques for analyzing the dynamics of particles and fields in the Kerr spacetime. The Carter constant, a 4th constant of the motion for geodesics in the Kerr spacetime, and related geometric structures play a central role in this analysis. Some familiarity with differential geometry will be assumed but the necessary concepts from general relativity will be introduced during the course.

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