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SFB-Seminar (Teilprojekt C1)
Prof. Dr. Holger Reich, Prof. Dr. Arthur Bartels
11.5.2015, 14:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr


The Farrell-Jones conjecture - Introduction and Overview
Prof. Dr. Holger Reich (FU)
11.5.2015, 14:30 Uhr – 15:30 Uhr

The Whitehead group Wh(G) of a group G and its (higher) analogues defined using algebraic K-theory or L-theory play an important role in geometric topology. This will be made explicit in the second talk. There are vanishing conjectures in the case where G is torsionfree. For groups containing torsion the Farrell-Jones conjecture predicts what should happen in terms of group homology. The talk will give a gentle introduction to this circle of ideas and survey the current status of the conjectures.

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